Programs & Services

Information on Programs & Services Offered

Purchase or Procurement

In addition to our inventory available online, we offer a bevy of different buying services to our clients.  

Whether purchasing used or new, we can assist in locating or procuring the right vehicle at competitive pricing. We are also happy to provide our professional opinion or consultation by email or phone at any time. 

Contact us directly to discuss wishes or needs below or at (215) 947-1800

Sell or Appraise

Because of the overabundant (and confusing) amount of information available to consumers online, we offer to properly inform and educate on a vehicle, and to provide a valid sale analysis.

In addition to purchasing any vehicle, we can also provide a current market assessment as well as assist and advise in the sale.  

To arrange an assessment or schedule an appointment to show a vehicle click here or call (215) 947-1800

Warranty Services & Vehicle Service Contracts

Protecting your investment with Warranty Services & Vehicle Service Contracts

Cracked and bent wheels, damaged tires from road hazards, dents & dings, lost keys, chipped or cracked windshields, mechanical repairs… many of the very costly things to maintain a vehicle during ownership.

These programs ensure that ownership costs likely don’t exceed the cost of coverage purchased. Contracts are available to cover all of the items mentioned including comprehensive mechanical coverage that only excludes maintenance or wear and tear items.

Programs are now available to those vehicles outside our inventory or not sold though driveanything. Please contact us for vehicle eligibility as well as pricing.

Vehicle Accessories, Upgrades and Protection

We have a variety of different vendors that we have partnered with that can offer everything from:

Paint protection film products
Ceramic coating
Power coating/refinishing wheels
Interior upgrade and repair
Auto glass
Convertible tops
Performance Upgrades (various performance part installations)

We will try and accommodate any request and place to the proper trusted professionals within our networks.

Maintaining and Servicing your Vehicle

Questions pertaining or related to the upkeep, repair, or maintenance of a vehicle? We are available to help facilitate through either our own trusted group of mechanics or work through our various contacts, depending upon location, can locate one for you.

Insuring a Vehicle

Clients looking for competitive insurance quotes or plans for specific or general needs, we have an insurance agency available to assist.

Financing or Leasing

We offer in our inventory different financing options for qualified individuals. For clients not looking within our inventory, we do have contacts and recommendations available by request.